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Congratulations on choosing this career path. You are one step closer to becoming a technical writer. This guide is specifically curated to help you have a smooth learning, with easy access to the right resources and data.

You will find here vast resources on technical writing ranging from who exactly is a technical writer to the technical writing roadmap, technical writing career paths, technical writing skills, tools to use, projects to build, communities to help you grow and network, videos, articles, etc

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What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing involves writing or drafting technical documentation or tutorials used in technical and occupational fields, such as engineering, computer hardware and software, architecture, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, chemistry, forestry, etc. User guides, online help articles, or internal documentation for programmers and API developers could all fall under this category.

It is the art of explaining things in great detail so that readers can grasp a certain skill or product and utilise it for the intended purpose.

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How to Become a Technical Writer

There is no definite roadmap for technical writing because of how vast the technical writing industry is. Still, you must have some essential skills to become an excellent technical writer. The resources below will guide you in becoming a good technical writer.


Tech Communities

Joining a Tech Community is the easiest way to network with and learn from other techies in the industry for free. You get to connect to other techies with different levels of expertise, network and socialize, attend tech events, ask questions and get answers from experts and professionals, share and learn from other people's experiences, etc. Below are a few of the most popular tech communities:


Bootcamps are created to help one with little to no experience in coding gain programming skills by offering them technical training on the relevant skills. They focus on the most important aspects of coding while allowing one to apply these new skills to solve real-life problems. They are like schools and some of them offer Certificates/Diplomas upon completion. Most of them are not free. Below are a few of the most popular bootcamps:

Internships and Mentoring

Internships are a period of work often taken to gain professional learning experience relating to a field of study or career interest. You also get to be mentored by seniors and experts in your field from different parts of the world, sometimes even working on real-life projects. It can be paid or unpaid, meaning some of them pay you for partaking and successfully completing the program. You can find below, a list of organizations that offer coding internships and mentoring in the technical writing field.

Other Useful Resource

This is a collection of other useful resources that couldn't fit into the sections above. Explore!



What Next?

Pat yourself on the back for making it this far. Do continue to practice your skills, write more documentations, and apply for technical writing jobs.

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